For customers

How does the supplier knows that I have paid end reserved?
You will receive a voucher. You need to show this voucher to the activity supplier.
How can I cancel a booking?
You need to send us your reservation number and if you cancel within 5 working days you will be refunded 100%. In other cases you can read our user terms here
How can I pay?
You can pay with creditcard (mastercard, visa) and ideal.
Do you offer secure payment processing?
Yes we are ssl certified and we collect the secure payment. You pay to daytrippi.com, so in case you have a noshow on destination, you will get your money back. Otherwise we pay the supplier of the activity.

For suppliers

Who uses daytrippi.com?
It could be used by activity suppliers. We want to connect you and help you to promote your activities to customers in the Netherlands (initially). Focus is on the customers who books package deals with a tour operator, travelagent or airline.
What makes daytrippi.com Different?
Focus is on popular holiday destinations, simple interface, tablet, mobile prepared and free of use
Is my business a good fit for daytrippi.com?
When you can deliver an activity, tour, ticket you can use it for free
Can I download daytrippi.com?
It is webbased, so it is not necessary
Do you take a commission?
Yes, we work on a commission, but only after we make a booking for you
What languages and currencies are supported?
At this moment we will support English and Dutch
How much does daytrippi.com cost?
It's for free
How do I get support?
We will help you to setup your account and import your content, otherwise email us on info@daytrippi.com
If I choose to leave, what happens to my data?
We delete the content and your account
What are your security practices?
We work with the most secured platform from Microsoft
How do my customers make a booking?
Through the system where they can book it. They receive a vouchercode which they can give to you. The code needs to sent back to us to receive your payment
I still have more questions…where can I go?
contact us, here is my email info@daytrippi.com